Are you paying through your nose for email marketing services when handling big volumes? Are you looking for a dedicated company specialising in XXL email marketing? Our team of experienced email gurus are at your disposal.

We can offer you various packages, depending on your budgets and expectations. Our services include:

+ Professionally managed Dedicated Servers (available for short & long terms)

+ Solutions for Multiple IPs & for Dedicated IPs

+ Superior Intelligence/Statistics on your contacts behaviour

+ Experienced troubleshooting in case of Blacklisting hiccups

+ Robust infrastructure capable of blasting emails in real-time

+ Day-to-day handheld support for your staff

+ Training for your team on using XXLpro

Other related services include:

+ Dedicated IP addresses

+ Free consultations on deliverability

+ Account setup and migration assistance

+ Account and campaign management (optional)

+ Coding support

+ Creative Studio support (quick & realistically priced creation of smartphone-friendly email templates, forms, etc)


Our fees are very reasonable and we are experienced with handling 30-40 million emails a month & even more. Call us now on +35699490209 or follow this link here – Read more