Having trouble reaching some of your email contacts?

Here are a few practical tips to improve your email delivery rates.


What if your contacts tell you that your emails are landing in their junk mailbox instead of their inbox?

The need to whitelist email senders is a universal problem that affects many email marketing systems; more often than not, this problem is user-determined. With increased risks from viruses, cybercrime and spam, many people adopt draconian filtering systems to refine what can be received or not via email. In this case, email firewalls are generally the ‘number one’ culprits behind such email delivery hiccups, particularly in companies.

It may be seen as suspicious when many contacts located within one domain (company) receive the same email simultaneously, therefore what may be happening here is that firewalls and anti-virus software block the flow of these types of emails simply as an automated security measure, despite your email being legitimate. It is therefore up to the company concerned to classify senders as ‘safe’.

The best solution is for you to send the link of the Dmaxepaper.com Whitelist Tips directly to their IT administrator/or to the effected contacts and politely ask that he/she uses these easy-to-follow tips. There’s a good chance that this will solve your problem.