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Dmax™ e-paper is a powerful, easy-to-use, fully content-managed e-mail newsletter system designed for corporate use.  The following are some KEY advantages it offers:


  1. Helps you to reach your Clients using e-mail contacts in a Professional & Personalised way at the click of a button;

  2. Allows you to send personalised e-mail newsletters that are branded according to your company corporate identity;

  3. It is programmed to be compatible with all leading e-mail systems in order to ensure that your campaign (newsletter) will appear properly in different e-mail accounts;

  4. It assists users in minimising the chance of having the campaign classified as spam with help of easy-to-follow, pre-sending online spam rules checker;

Provides you with useful Market Intelligence on your e-mail contacts’ interests via real-time statistics. Graphical statistical reports show essential marketing data such as the number of newsletters that have been read by clients and what links they have clicked on. This helps make your e-mail marketing efforts completely measurable.


Over time, it will help you to learn your contacts’ behaviour & preferences and build targeted e-marketing campaigns;


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Using Dmax e-paper requires no IT expertise;
it is designed to be SIMPLE & EASY to manage…


Dmax™ e-paper is a content-managed, corporate e-mail marketing tool that helps you reach your contact list at the click of a button, in a personalised format, giving you detailed intelligent insight with constantly updated statistics on readership.


Imagine being able to not just see who read your message, but actually what was read and followed through?


  • Dmax e-paper is proven to be well ahead of Competition, for many reasons…


Dmax™ e-paper e-mail marketing software includes all you need to create, send, follow-up and see returns from e-mail marketing - but it doesn't stop here.

  1. The system is backed by trained Dmax personnel that offer support on demand.  This means you can call us and we will help you there and then. Alternative, less advanced systems will oblige you to open a ticket, send questions via e-mails, and wait days for assistance. Read More

  2. Dmax™ e-paper is delivered to you as ready-branded to your corporate identity and fully Spam and e-mail systems optimised to help you minimise loss of open rate;

Dmax™ e-paper comes inclusive of a host of powerful tools to automate your follow up marketing too:

  1. Track prospects automatically through inbuilt auto-responders. Create a series of personalised e-mail messages to new contacts at pre-defined intervals. It's like having your own dedicated sales team working for you around the clock.

  2. Optimise your e-mail click thru rates with split testing. Send a few variations of your e-mail to a sample of your list and have the best performing one sent to the rest automatically.

  3.  You can automate your list management with triggers. This helps you to automatically convert leads to opportunities when they access a specific e-mail, remove dormant leads from your list or even send a follow up e-mail when a particular link is clicked – all automatically.

  4.  Dmax™ e-paper helps keep your contact lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing. Invalid e-mail addresses can be taken off your list automatically based on "smart bounce rules", helping keep your deliverability rate as high as possible.

  5. Dmax™ e-paper helps you see the complete activity of your contacts with event logging. Every time a person on your contact list opens your e-mail, clicks a link or performs any other activity, it's logged against their history making it easy for your sales team to follow-up and close a sale.

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Why invest in Dmax e-paper compared to other online solutions?


Dmax™ e-paper makes it easy for you to create an attractive mail shot through the availability of a wide range of ready-made templates. A user-friendly Word-like editor can then be used to further customise these templates by including your own product images and marketing copy


• Dmax e-paper was developed specifically to automate your follow up marketing, offering your sales team better leads. 

• Dmax™ e-paper will turn more leads into buyers – we see it working with most of our clients!


• Browser based


• 30+ built-in professionally designed templates


• Step-by-step campaign wizard


• Custom fields for personalisation


• Powerful, automated triggers


• Full campaign statistics


• Google Analytics integration 


• Unlimited autoresponders


• Split test e-mail campaigns


• Multiple logins with permissions


• Automated bounced e-mail processing


• Full WYSIWYG campaign editing


• Easily import/export contacts


• Pause and resume sending


• Automatic event logging


• Built-in CRM functionality


• Google Calendar integration


• RSS e-mail campaign archive



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Contact us for a Trial Version: To see Dmax™ e-paper in action, feel free to contact us. We look forward to learning about your specific needs so we setup a temporary trial account for you. This carries no obligation of purchase, and our team will support you along the way. 

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