offers you a number of ways with which to double check your email campaign before sending it out. Testing helps in increasing your open rates and limits the risk of your account (or the sending email address) being blocked by SPAM filters or by email service providers (ESPs). Here are the features & support services available for system users:

  • Spam Proofing Module Allows you to automatically check your text, highlighting which words can be SPAMMY and ranking your risks to help you decide whether or not to edit your content prior to sending the campaign
  • Email Client Compatibility module – Allows you to check your email template via a simulator, showing you how it will appear on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL etc. therefore allowing you to make the necessary graphical or HTML code changes to improve compatibility
  • Email Template testing for Smartphone compatibility*
  • Call Center Support for Email Validation testing*

* clients receive help from experienced support buddies via Telephone, Skype or Email. Skype & Telephone support are available from Monday to Fridays (excluding public holidays**) between 0900 and 1700hrs CET. For support during remaining hours please contact the support  team via our ticketing system or email (replies within 12 hours).

**See public holidays 2015 list