When gathering intelligence on your contacts, no small piece of available information should be discarded. The more data you can obtain about each person on your list, the better. Dmaxepaper.com allows you to create online forms. These can have many functions, like:

  • Subscription forms to place on a website (to collect new contacts). You can have many different forms like these, allowing people to submit specific interests, and to register themselves in a specific contact list.
  • ‘Expression of Interest’ forms
  • ‘Business Enquiry’ forms
  • ‘General Feedback forms
  • & more

Whilst the ‘General Enquiries’ forms can always collect your visitors’ information, you can do whatever you want with it, like experimenting with the use of  an autoresponder to follow up with your contacts after a month or so; eg. “hi %%Firstname%%, Just wondering if there was anything else we could help you with?” etc.) and the newsletter option will have people who want to be on your newsletter. You can also create custom fields to collect different information such as Name, Address etc.

If this sounds ‘difficult’ to you, the Dmaxepaper.com Support Call Centre team can assist you further with creating these forms. Our team can provide you with practical, tried & tested techniques on how to organically develop and organise your contact lists. The earlier you adopt this approach, the further you will get in your marketing and intelligence gathering efforts. Check us out!