It only takes a minute or two  to import your contact lists from an Excel or .CSV file into your account. Always make sure that you have as much information as possible on each contact, including titles (Mr, Ms, Dr, etc.), names, surnames, gender, profession / area of business, telephone numbers and ideally, also an alternative email address (other than the business one). Using such well structured email contact lists ensures better intelligence at the end of your email campaigns.

The Call Centre offers practical assistance to system users on legal and professional ways with which one can organically develop from scratch or improve an existing contact list. The support on collecting and building such email databases may involve traditional alongside online media. Contact our Support  Team for more ideas and easy-to-follow solutions.

Related services which are geared towards the importation, harvesting and/or filtering of email contacts include:

  1. APIs (particularly the ones set to facilitate the automatic importation of email data from Outlook, CRM or ERP systems)
  2. Facebook / Social Media Applets set to Facebook following and / or harvest existing followers’ email addresses