A B Testing with DmaxepaperTesting Matters –  Introducing Split Testing, a New Feature on Dmaxepaper.com

You can spend countless hours of marketing discussions about red versus blue, or you can test it on a portion of your audience to know which of the two works best. Split testing, also known as “A/B testing”, is a scientific method of testing your email campaigns’ effectiveness using statistical analysis.

When performing the A/B split test, whichever version performs best, is the winner.

  • Split tests are usually performed on variations of the same basic email campaign, not on vastly different emails. When you perform a Split Test, Dmaxepaper.com will “split” your contact list into Test Groups and send variations of your email campaign to each part.
  • Once you have discovered the most effective email campaign, it is up to you what to do next. You could use the winning email for your next campaign, send the winning email to another contact list, or perform further split tests on variations of the winning email, in order to further refine its effectiveness.

Dmaxepaper.com supports both manual and automatic split testing.  Then, you can see how well each email has performed and select the most effective one.


  1. Don’t “compare apples and oranges”. Make sure that the emails you are testing are variations of one email, not completely different emails.
  2. Keep it simple. As with any scientific test, results are only meaningful if they compare two things that differ only in a single feature (subject line, font colour, variation of one artwork, etc.)
  3. Use a large test group. Like any statistical analysis, the larger the test group you use, the more accurate and reliable your results will be.

If you would like to know more about this service, contact the Dmaxepaper.com Support Call Centre