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Did you know? We’ve made your life easier…
Our developers are always studying ways to make Dmaxepaper.com more powerful & secure. Following the 2015 Updates, here are some of the latest innovations we’ve added for you.


Auto-Save Function (NEW!)
For all of you who use Dmaxepaper.com or XXLPro.com intensively, it helps to know that the system now has an inbuilt Auto-Save function. No more lost editing work on your template revisions since the system will save your revisions automatically every 60 seconds. This is a unique feature for an email marketing solution, designed to help the professional users.


WYSIWYG Spell Checker (NEW!)
We’ve just added a Spell Checker to our ‘what-you-see-is-what you-get’ editor; this component makes use of the in-browser spell checker which before was technically not available. From now on you are less likely to raise eyebrows with typos ;-). Note to Firefox users: Install the following addon here. Chrome uses it automatically.


Need training? Download the 2015 Programme
Dmaxepaper.com is loaded with new features which you may have never used. Gain insight into the potentials of follow-up techniques, the use of triggers & auto responders. Learn more about contact list optimisation…See what we have to offer in terms of training here
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