You don’t have to be an IT guru to place a generated engagement form on your website via your CMS system. Placing forms on your landing pages increases the chance of interaction with your visitors helping you build an updated & segmented contact list.

How is it done?

A subscription form allows your website visitors to add themselves to your contact list. It helps you to gather information on your contacts in the form of any custom fields that you have created and included in your form.

To use this type of form all you have to do is to simply create¬† it through your website form creation process, including any custom fields that you wish to gather information on. When you have finished creating the form you will be taken back to the Manage Forms page where you will see a link to ‘Get HTML’. Clicking this link will show you the HTML needed for use on the new subscription form.

At this stage, you will need to place this form code on your website. It is possible to edit this form, styling it to your needs so that it will look like your website. Always check that you leave the code marked “Do not edit” unchanged. That’s all it takes; now you just wait until visitors make use of the form and add themselves to your mailing list.

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