Why have just an ‘average’ open rate on your mail campaigns, when you can achieve more? Are you generating enough leads via your campaigns?

There are back-office techniques that will help us help you obtain better results from your email marketing and Data Mining in one area where the Dmaxepaper.com Support Team can help you.  With your authorisation and in strict confidence, we will help you by analysing your contact lists & campaign statistics. This will enable us to spot:

  • Email Trends & Patterns – what works and doesn’t work in your campaigns, identifying campaign timing, targeting and frequency issues)
  • Who are your Dormant Contacts? – most contacts will carry a component of people who are inactive, never open your campaigns, follow links, etc. At Dmaxepaper.com we have solutions & techniques that will help you re-ignite this segment’s interest, converting them into business)
  • Potential ‘hot’ contacts – Helping you pinpoint those individuals who are most worthy of following-up
  • Pitfalls in your email template(s) – Many times, irrespective of how great the offer being made may be, contacts still fail to receive it or when they do get it, they still don’t open the promo. How come? By analysing your email campaigns in terms of layout, design, text and coding we will help you optimise your results over time.
  • Users’ Deficiencies – Using one of the best email marketing solutions around is not enough. You need to ensure that whoever is using it, knows how to make full use of all its features. Remember, Dmaxepaper.com users are entitled to complimentary system training every year. Depending on the trainees’ acumen, these one-to-one sessions (through Skype) can cover from the basics to advanced features.
  • Weaknesses in the Contact List¬† – by analysing the contact lists(s) we will be able to spot missing or incorrect data and recommend corrective action.