Intelligence FeaturesHere’s some of the latest Email Intelligence goodies which we’ve just added for you:

  • Geolocation Tracking of email contacts allows you to conduct Geo-IP Tracking on all of your Email Campaigns, therefore identifying how many of your contacts and from where (by country) have responded to your campaign
  • Inbuilt Social Media sharing tools for your template

    With you can have your email templates featuring multiple Social Media sharing buttons, allowing your readers to pick a part of your newsletter and share it on their preferred Social Network, without leaving your email
  • Track your Social Media Shares

    Just think about it; each story shared is now measurable engagement opportunity since you will have statistics indicating which link was shared where and by how many people
  • There’s now a ‘Search’ function for your account

    Saving you time, now you can look for a contact list or a specific person on one of your contact lists, or you can search for past campaigns by using the newly added Search function.