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Uwe Schoenfeld

Uwe Schoenfeld - Dmax IT Director - Germany

What's New in our latest version
of makes it even easier for you to create, send and track profitable email marketing campaigns.

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Nicky Cummings - Connectpoint Director - UK

Nicky Cummings
Connectpoint Director - UK is a dynamic
sales catalyst… has improved our sales and is keeping our clients up to date efficiently and effectively.

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Emma Miller

Emma Miller
Marketing Manager - Miller Distributors Ltd - Malta

How did your business benefit from Email Marketing? has helped our business maximise our online presence.

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Edward Borg

Edward Borg - Cola Cola
Brand Executive - Malta

Which other medium gives you so much returns, for so little cost? helped our Coca-Cola campaigns in Malta save thousands of Euros by channelling promotions via branded emails.

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Dino Fino - Fino - Malta

Dino Fino - Fino - Malta met our e-mail solution choice criteria spot on...
We shopped around for an email marketing system that delivers more than just fancy emails, but above all detailed statistical resources.

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Knut Wiegershausen

Knut Wiegershausen - Wiegershausen & Matthes GmbH i. G Director - Germany

How is Dmaxepaper effecting your business processes?
I am really happy that is now available in Germany.

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Nick Bilocca

Nick Bilocca - Frank Salt Real Estate

How has helped your e-marketing and SEO? is an excellent tool for Frank Salt Real Estate to keep in touch with our clients.

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Sandro Cauchi

Sandro Cauchi - Continental Cars Ltd, obo Mizzi Motors Ltd

How is helping you keep in touch with your customers? is an effective email marketing tool we use to keep in touch with our customers.

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Romina Vassallo

Romina Vassallo - Vivendo Group

How does fit in Vivendo Group's media? is now an integral part of Vivendo's media mix, thanks to the tracking reports provided.

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Sascha Theisen

Sascha Theisen - STAMMPLATZ

How is helping your business to expand? gives us the opportunity to open up new revenue opportunities for our agency about professional email marketing.

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Research shows it takes just under 3 seconds to make an impression in the inbox - if your e-mail appears unprofessional it is deleted. At worse, it can be marked as spam, which will impair your deliverability rate and effect future returns on your campaign.


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