XXLPro logo If you are looking for a robust email marketing solution that offers above average delivery rates when handling a larger number of contacts of say 20 to 30 million a month, look no further than XXLPro by Dmaxepaper.com.

For Affiliate Marketing & iGaming companies and others seeking a heavy duty managed solution for email marketing, the XXLPro Service by Dmaxepaper.com is the answer.

XXLPro by Dmaxepaper.com offers:

  1. System user training
  2. Real-time technical support (0900 till 1700hrs CET)
  3. Hand-held support for your staff when handling multiple databases
  4. Email Validation support
  5. Help with Campaign(s) planning
  6. Multiple IP Solutions
  7. Dedicated Servers
  8. Richer Statistics on contacts’ behaviour
  9. Higher Open Rates
  10. Troubleshooting in case of Blacklisting

The Dmaxepaper.com managed XXLpro services can be ordered on a pre-paid monthly basis. The service involves some initial one-time set-up fees related to the dedicated server and multiple IPs. For additional info contact admin@dmax.tv or call +35699490209 or +35621347990