We all want to get results quickly. By investing a little more time on one’s contact list(s), a lot can be achieved in terms of improving email campaign results, and both open & click-through rates.

Organise your contact listsHere are the 5 key Dmaxepaper.com Contact List Optimisation Rules to follow:

  1. Ensure that your contact lists are legally obtained (ideally double-opt in)
  2. Check that basic identification data is available for each email address, including titles, first and second names, gender, profession or business area, position held, telephone number. Of course one can add as many segments to the contact list as needed, to include if the person is a client or not, etc.
  3. As people often change jobs, it helps to check that your contact list features the latest data; check your contact list at least once a year to double check email addresses; this is of particular relevance when a contact list features business email addresses.
  4. Use an email validation tool. Many marketers ignore this aspect, which explains why many report high bounce rates. Essentially these are applications that serve to verify email addresses in your contact list to determine whether they are valid or not. These utilities can help you to quickly clean up your contacts and remove invalid addresses. Contact our support team for available (mostly free) email validation solutions.
  5. Finally, for best results, only send your email campaigns to the people with expressed interest in a particular message, brand, service or product. Sending a campaign to all your contacts without fine tuning your target audience by interest can result in many unsubscribed people and potentially causing SPAM reports, which can cause your account to be black listed by some ESPs.

If you wish to involve the Dmaxepaper.com team to manage any of the above 5 points, please contact support@dmaxepaper.com