offers you many advantages in terms of campaign KPIs’ monitoring, including:

  1. Campaign Open Rates
  2. Links Opened
  3. Forwarding Stats
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. List of Unsubscribes (by name)
  6. Geolocation of Engaged Contacts (NEW!)
  7. List of Campaigns Sent (on a calendar)
  8. Contact List used
  9. You can search for individual contacts amongst all your contacts (and contact lists) to check their campaign behaviour; you can make annotations for follow up on a specific person to help you with eventually following him/her up (NEW!)

For best practice procedure use triggers and/or autosresponders to create leads; you can set to automatically issue additional emails (with enquiry forms or sales propositions, request for additional info etc.) to your contacts according to their clicked links. Using this approach is easy, carries no extra charges and helps you improve your campaign results.