Succeed like a Pro with helps you obtain:

  1.    Higher open rates
  2.    More intelligence on your contacts’ behaviour
  3.    More returns on your marketing investments

Your campaign doesn’t stop when you press the send button; the fun starts when the statistics go live, showing your open rates and contacts’ behaviour. Think ahead and empower your campaigns using pre-set, personalised follow-up emails which can be triggered according to your contact’s specific response (as per links clicked).

Imagine sending a campaign to promote your varied services or products; depending on the pre-designated links being clicked, can be set to issue automatic follow-up email(s) with supplementary call-to-action info on that particular service or product concerned. Timing is crucial and the sooner you can launch these follow-up emails, the better your chance of success, therefore using this feature is a must. You can pre-set such triggers to issue an automated, personalised enquiry form which will appear to be sent by you (or another designated sender of your choice) and can be replied to you directly (or to whoever you prefer).

These follow-up techniques and many others by will boost your results. Feel free to contact our Support Team for more exciting ways of making your email marketing a breeze.