Get more contacts delivered with DmaxepaperContent can make or break your campaign, particularly the dynamic text part. How do you deal with this matter? To begin with, using lengthy email articles is fraught with danger since people are too busy to read chunks of text. Good images help attract attention and having well written, shorter paragraphs with a good call-to-action with a ‘Read More’ link (preferably pointing to more details on your website) will do the trick.

To help in maximising results, offers an inbuilt tool that scans your email template text content for common spam keywords. This Spam testing tool helps by pinpointing the words that are likely to be deemed as SPAM. Reducing the incidence of SPAM words will improve your campaign’s delivery rate exponentially.

After clicking the Spam proofing module button, your content will be scanned, and the system will underline any problem words or phrases, providing you with a score for each. After totalling all words, the module will help you determine your email campaign’s SPAM risk, allowing you to make the final decision to either allow the affected words or change them with alternatives (like using the word ‘gender’ for ‘sex’, for example).

The Dmaxepaper Support Team includes copywriters that can lend you a practical hand if required when dealing with SPAM proofing.