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We help you making your campaign a greater success by offering you Branding & Design Services tailored to your needs included within your
Dmax™ e-paper investment…


Research shows it takes just under 3 seconds to make an impression in the inbox - if your e-mail appears unprofessional it is deleted. At worse, it can be marked as spam, which will impair your deliverability rate and effect future returns on your campaign.


The Dmax™ in-house trained design team will create an e-mail template which will improve your e-mail click-thru rates and entice subscribers to read your message and take the action you expect them to take. The real question is: when it comes to inbox, it’s all a question of creating the right first impression!


The following are some of the benefits you'll
receive with our branded e-mail templates:


  • • Boost branding with your own logo and colour scheme
  • • Professional design increases e-mail readership
  • • Ensure your e-mail open well in all systems at the receiving end*
  • • Exciting designs stimulates forwarding of your newsletter to third parties
  • • Avoid to a minimum your e-mail from triggering spam filters
  • • Minimise your unsubscribe and "mark as junk" rates
  • • Communicate credibility and professionalism



E-paper is compatible with:

No Design Experience necessary
– Leave it in our hands…


When it comes to launching the appropriate design for your template it couldn't be simpler. DmaxTM art direction works with you to incorporate your branding and ideas, or even come up with the complete fresh design for you - from concept to finish.


Once we start, you will be assigned with one of our professional designers who will work with you, taking your requirements and turning them into a professional e-mail template design. We'll have your new design finished and integrated with DmaxTM E-paper within 1-2 weeks.


The standard package also includes the following additions:

  1. 2 design concepts created for you to choose from  for your final template

  2. Integration of final template into Dmax E-paper System

  3. Testing Template on leading E-mail platforms/clients

  4. You will be provided with all design originals, revisions and final template

It does not stop there…We also offer campaign management support services


Having a smart design helps but is not enough.


DmaxTM e-paper team can assist you in managing your contacts better, in refining your market reach and in using statistics to secure greater returns from your campaign.


Speak to our team for more details.


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