APS, one of Malta’s largest banks, adopts Dmaxepaper.com for its email marketing intelligence

APS on Brick Wall2Dmaxepaper.com is proving popular with finance companies; one of the latest additions to the Dmax portfolio of clients APS Bank.

Dmaxepaper.com serves as a solution for market intelligence gathering and strategic digital communications. It integrates with Social Media campaigns (where it aids conversions and SEO), allowing the bank to strengthen both its marketing and business development initiatives.

img_wecomeDmaxepaper.com is happy to be of service to one of Malta’s largest banks; this comes after a significant software upgrade that is being well received, particularly for its security’, possibility of integration with other software and business intelligence features” – Uwe Schoenfeld, CIO, Dmaxepaper.com

APS Bank is a Maltese bank established in 1910. It offers a complete range of personal banking services including savings accounts, home loans and personal loans; as well as comprehensive banking services for corporate customers. Wealth management services are offered through APS Funds Sicav p.l.c., a specialist subsidiary company.

APS Bank is one of Malta’s leading banks with an operating profit before impairment, reversals, and provisions of €14.0 million in 2014.

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