Having your email temDmaxepaper.com smartphone testingplates tested and configured to work with mainstream smartphone systems like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows, is proven to help in boosting your campaign open rates. The Dmaxepaper.com Support Team is offering users free testing of email templates.Testing may take up to 2 days so one needs to notify the Support Team at least 3 days in advance.

The Support Team will check your templates across different platforms and let you know if these are fine. In case of the email templates not being found to be smartphone compatible, the Support Team will give you specific factors for this incompatibility and provide you with practical tips on how to edit the template layout or its back-end HTML coding yourself.

If you are not conversant with HTML coding, you can ask that the coding or layout changes be done by the Support Team, however, this service is not included in the testing part and will be quote for depending on the time and work involved.