Dmaxepaper API is a versatile solution that can be interfaced with your database, email system, accounting software, CRM or ERP. It is important that you consult with the Support Team should you be looking into this option, and they will check in order to confirm if this interface can be set. These APIs are quoted for on request and fees will vary with specs and work involved.

Working with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo? Then you must have your most recent business contacts saved within this software. can be linked through an API to your email account(s), facilitating the automatic retrieval and updating of your contact lists. You may even be able to link to our calendar, issue related reminders & follow-ups and more. Check this out with our Support Team. This is an extra, optional service, and will be quoted for on demand. Costs will depend on specifications.

What about your website? Turn your website into a harvester of new email contacts with the use of online forms. These forms enable you to segment your newly arrived contacts by interest or any other criteria of your choice. Such forms are easily created via your licence, and placing them with your website’s CMS should only take a few minutes Read more

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