about us


Dmax™ is a German-Maltese, Branding and IT-solutions firm


Our maxim is ‘innovative solutions upon demand’, and we achieve our targets by teaming up with other reputable firms, if and when necessary, in order to bolster our resources. This openness has made us not just a much sought after partner but a reputable source of service to our customers that learn to rely on our people, under the Dmax umbrella, as they know we deliver.


Dmax™ has had the pleasure of being associated with a number of prestigious IT projects in Europe, including the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization and Fraser Eagle Group, in the UK, VfW GmbH in Germany, and the Maltese Government, amongst others. Read more


Dmax™ e-paper is part of the Dmaxim™ family of premium online solutions, which we develop, market and support round-the-clock to an international pool of users. Read more


The Product


Dmax™ e-paper is a state-of-the-art e-mail marketing system with which Dmax™ continues to expand its innovative range of web solutions.


Market studies show that e-mail marketing gives a return on investment immediately both in terms of exposure as well as sales.


HTML e-mails have consistently outperformed plain text, garnering more opens, more clicks and better response rates.


Through the use of Dmax™ e-paper businesses can take advantage of e-mail to communicate with their customers (or contact lists on Outlook) on a regular basis.



Fully Content Managed, like using Microsoft Word


A user-friendly Word-like editor is used to further customise templates by including product images and marketing text at will. Moreover Dmax™ e-paper gives a preview of how newsletters will appear in each of the major e-mail systems.


Unrivalled market intelligence


The use of the e-mail platform is one of the cheapest and most measurable forms of marketing.

Easy-to-follow graphical reports show essential information such as the number of newsletters that have been read by recipients and what links they have clicked on. This helps make e-mail campaign completely measurable.



about us