Here are 5 critical steps to take to ensure that your business survives the pandemic

No matter how challenging life becomes with the COVID-19 hullabaloo, you do not need to interrupt your communications. To the contrary, you must stay closer – albeit virtually, of course! Safety first!

This ordeal may be over sooner than we think so you must be able to return to your client-base, which hopefully remains loyal to your brand.

Here are 5 critical steps to take to secure your business survives the pandemic:



Increase your business’s visibility on Facebook – remind people that you are still around!


Create weekly email updates that inform your clients of company news, your latest remote working policies, your new office hours, procedures, etc.


Whenever possible, ensure that your Social media and Email campaigns feature your staff, especially the ones which usually meet customers. There is nothing like a picture of a familiar face and/or name to create engagement. The use of photos and familiar names from your team carries 60% more chance of success.


Some email marketing software offers automated replies via triggers, like; this means that people who receive your electronic newsletter can automatically receive further follow-up messages related to their personal interests. These automated replies can be both personalised and signed by the key staff of your choice- making your customers feel safe and well assisted. 3 out of every 5 such replies can secure a sale.


Ensure that your Facebook page is run professionally, i.e. by people in the field. Do not post anything which is not accompanied by branded graphics; enable automated replies and ensure that any questions are answered within a short time.

Email Marketing and Social Media are cost-effective and deliver tangible, measurable results. If you follow these five essential tips, you stand an excellent chance that once this crisis is over, you will be in a strong position to carry on where you left off with your clients.

Ray de Bono has over 25 years of business management experience; he has directed branding, IT and corporate projects in Malta, Germany, Ghana and the United Kingdom. Ray’s business clients have included Microsoft, the European Union (EU), the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (, Speutz AG, Aon Malta and the Maltese Government, amongst others.

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Stay Safe!

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